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The Casa de la Ciencia Museum premieres a new exhibition about 'Gaia', the European Space Agency (ESA) mission launched in 2013 that revolutionized the understanding of the universe in just a decade.

The stellar catalogs provided by this famous space mission managed to draw the most detailed and precise star map ever imagined, in addition to shedding light on the structure of our galaxy, testing Einstein's Theory of Relativity and having observed a multitude of asteroids close to the Earth, as well as celestial bodies and even cosmic neighbors.

This exhibition will make you live an immersive experience in the Gaia universe, the beacon of knowledge that challenges technological limits and illuminates the cosmos. Enjoy some of the most surprising data from this mission and a great selection of images taken through the eyes of Gaia and its billion pixels.

Curiosity knows no boundaries when it comes to exploring the mysteries of the universe. “One billion for 1.8 billion stars” now available at the Casa de la Ciencia Museum in Seville.