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From April 28 to June 4 we are exhibiting the photographic exhibition called "And your house, how is it?" This exhibition exhibits a selection of images and written testimonies from households participating in the [COVID-HAB] project, on confinement due to COVID-19, housing and habitability. Composed of 30 photographs of the more than 600 total images obtained in the project, they reflect those most outstanding spaces in the eyes of the participating homes. Environments related to teleworking, the less pleasant aspects of the home and the most comfortable spaces are some of the images.

The exhibition is coordinated by the CSIC, specifically by Teresa Cuerdo Vilches, a researcher belonging to the Construction Systems and Building Habitability (SCHE) research group of the Institute of Construction Sciences (IETcc). The project was developed in the confinement period during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the spring of 2020.