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In the time that we have been at home, you will have seen more things that we previously overlooked ... Do you want to know our home better?

"Domestic Biodiversity" is undoubtedly an exhibition that will make you realize the amount of different living beings that populate our house, the relationships between them, the variation that exists between living beings of the same species and how their changes can affect us and variations in one way or another, since we are all connected to biodiversity.

Bacteria, invisible dust mites or cockroaches. These and other organisms inhabit your home, but you may not have realized it yet… The exhibition presents the visitor with all the species, microscopic or not, with which they live in their daily lives. Through a tour of the different rooms of a home, the content pays attention to elements such as the toothbrush or the kitchen scouring pad, where there can be up to 20 different families of bacteria. Cockroaches, ants or flies are also protagonists of the exhibition, and from them you will learn aspects related to their diet or their life cycle.

The sample, produced by the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN-CSIC), has been adapted by the Deputy Vice-presidency of Scientific Culture of the CSIC within the framework of Ciudad Ciencia.