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The Photomyxo exhibition includes a selection of 30 photographs by Carlos de Mier, a technician at the Royal Botanical Garden (RJB-CSIC), an image specialist, dedicated to microscopic living beings, the Myxomycetes, that coexist silently with us.

The photographs on display bring us closer to these curious microorganisms that bring life, color and diversity to our world. Myxomycetes, which have been studied by mycologists because they bear a striking resemblance to fungi, are actually protists. The images shown here allow us to know some of the more than 1,000 species that we can find in any terrestrial ecosystem. From the lush forests to the most arid desert, from the coastal dunes to the high mountain glaciers, but which, because they are barely 1 mm long, go unnoticed by the lay public.

The photographic exhibition, held as part of the celebration of the 265th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Botanical Garden (RJB / CSIC), also wants to offer an informative facet. It presents us with a group of living beings that play a crucial ecological role due to their tireless work in the formation of soils and in the control of bacterial populations. The viewer has before his eyes organisms that already existed on earth 100 million years ago and that were witnesses of historical events of enormous importance, such as the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. In Carlos de Mier's photos you can see the variety of forms of these enigmatic microorganisms, they reveal their color palette, their diversity, and bring us closer to an unprecedented artistic vision.

We have the opportunity to observe authentic living fossils and recreate ourselves in the contemplation of the small and beautiful. So enjoy these magical microscopic creatures!