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Have you ever wondered: What happened to the billions of slaves who were transferred to the Americas from Africa? What was its degree of symbiosis with native civilizations? How was their language, their culture, their social organization? …

This exhibition aims to answer many of these questions and address, from a different point of view, what the arrival of the African population, sent as slaves, to the American continent meant. Focusing on the geographical area of the Caribbean, a brief tour of its artistic, religious, musical legacy is made... Do you know that dances so popular in Cuba, such as the chachachá, come from African rhythms? If you want to discover more about the legacy of African culture in the Caribbean, we encourage you to visit this exhibition.

The 50-minute audiovisual showings will take place at the following times:

-Thursday and Friday at 18:00h

-Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 12:00h

Included in the price, by order of arrival and until full capacity.