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Nature hides surprising animals and plants that go unnoticed by our eyes, but if we want to discover them we will find a way to do it. There are many things that we do not know because we do not know how to look. What are the eyes of a mantis like? How many babies does a spider have? Do plants hunt animals? What's in a hornet's nest? Do flowers fool insects? … .. These and other answers can only be known if we look around us with different eyes.

A camera can help us see beyond, and reveal surprising images that allow us to observe the world in which we live from other points of view. It will help us discover shapes, colors, behaviors, ... that would otherwise go unnoticed. This exhibition, developed by the Experimental Station of Arid Zones (EEZA) of Almería, one of the institutes of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Andalusia, aims to make us see, through images of Eva de Mas about the nature that surrounds us, that things are not always what they seem, and how looking in different ways brings us closer to knowledge.

Eva de Mas is a Doctor in Biology, specializing in the ecology of spiders and soil arthropods, she began her fondness for photography to be able to retain the shapes, colors and behaviors that surprised her so much about the small animals that she studied. She immediately learned to look in another way and using the lens of a camera she discovered images impossible to see otherwise. In order to continue discovering through other techniques, she specialized in Scientific Imaging and expanded her knowledge of macrophotography to continue to be surprised by nature.