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Science covers all aspects of life, it is the explanation for everything that surrounds us, and it gives us answers to all kinds of questions that we ask ourselves daily, for example: Where do humans come from? Why does it rain? ? Science can be divided according to the object of study, the method used or the results obtained. It allows us to make new discoveries thanks to the number of tools we have, which will become more and more precise over time.

And it is always in constant motion, as the tools are more effective, we solve problems more precisely, which makes us have more knowledge. Science through its principles and laws generate truth for us.

From the library of the Experimental Station of Zaidín, institute of the CSIC, this exhibition-intervention is launched with the aim of dynamizing its integration into the scientific and urban environment in which it is registered. A sample of randomly chosen individuals from different occupations and ages was asked the following question-proposal: “What is Science for you? Respond with a short word or phrase; and provide us with an object associated with your answer that represents what Science is for you. "

The suggested pieces should not exceed specific dimensions due to the imperative of the exhibition space. From the objects collected, a selection was made to reduce them to a number of 90 depending on the characteristics of the furniture in the room. In principle, the participants were asked for their profession and year of birth, but a high percentage of those surveyed required anonymity. The transcription of the words or phrases shown has been absolutely literal to the answers obtained.

This experiment aims to give a new functionality to a small space and its equipment, giving it a different purpose than the use for which they were conceived.

Designed and prepared by Carmelo Ruiz (laboratory technician) and Licy Ramírez (library and documentation technician), from the Zaidín Experimental Station (EEZ / CSIC).