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Celebrate your birthday

Boys and girls who are passionate about science will have the chance to celebrate their birthday at the Casa de la Ciencia and learn in a setting that couldn’t be more different from a typical party. Guests may choose from different themes with the event lasting two and a half hours and including lunch and a birthday cake with candles. The themes depend on the age of the participants.


“Marine World”, where the Museum’s mascot is the central theme and will immerse participants in the life of animals who live in the seas and oceans.

“Vet to the rescue!”, where guests face the challenge of having to pass various tests related to taking care of animals.



“Detectives”, where guests become researchers who have to help solve a mystery involving a valuable piece from the Museum’s collection that has disappeared.

“Jupiter and the Romans”. An exciting birthday that gets guests up close to the Roman world and give them the chance to take part in a fun competition, involving building a Roman arch, Roman numerals, the praenomen, gladiators, etc.

“Find the traces!”, where guests become naturalists and go through the museum, looking for traces of different species.



“Science in the kitchen”. Guests have a fun birthday party, trying out recipes in improvised cooking that allow them to find out, first-hand, about the physical behaviour of different substances.

Technology lovers also have a “Robotics” option, which involves a robot programming competition.



For those in love with the stars, we offer an astronomy party with an exciting trip through the solar system in the planetarium at the Casa de la Ciencia, after dinner. Guests get to see the night sky that could be seen on the day the birthday boy or girl was born and we’ll help you find the star of your birthday (the light that stars emit takes years to reach us. We’ll find the star that emitted light on the day you were born and which has reached us today).